Sussex Votes Hovde, Novack in Primary Election

Hovde narrowly wins the Sussex vote over Thompson by abut 70 votes, but voter turnout was dismal.

Although he around the state, GOP U.S. Senate candidate inched out a narrow victory in Sussex Tuesday.

With just 71 more votes than former governor – and GOP Senate nominee – Tommy Thompson, Hovde snatched the win in the village with 572 votes. Thompson came in second with 501 Sussex votes, followed by Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald with 315 votes. Former U.S. Representative Mark Neumann brought up the rear with 242 votes.

Along with the rest of Waukesha County, Sussex favored City of Pewaukee Alderwoman to replace Kathy Nickolaus as county clerk. Novack snatched 448 votes, with Kathleen Karalewitz taking second in the race with 384 votes. Gina Kozlik came in third.

The only other contested race in Sussex was for the seat. A majority of Sussex voters favored incumbent James Behrend, with Michael Starich coming in roughly 100 points behind him. Behrend won the seat with 21,100 votes – 41.5 percent of the vote.

In all, just less than 1,800 registered Sussex residents cast a ballot, equaling roughly a 26 percent voter turnout. The breakdown of Sussex votes in the primary is as follows:

U.S. Senate

Candidate Votes Hovde 572 Thompson 501 Fitzgerald 315 Neumann 242

Waukesha County Clerk

Candidate Votes Novack 448 Karalewitz 384 Kozlik 308

Register of Deeds

Candidate Votes Behrend 449 Starich 361 Larson-Lloyd 265


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