'Fake' Democratic Candidate Wins in Sussex

The results as to how Sussex voted Tuesday are in, and Isaac Weix, the Republican running as a Democrat in the lieutenant governor race, finished first in the Democratic primary with 44 percent of vote. See how Sussex voted in our breakdown.

All the focus is on the prize in the state's recall landscape: Who will be governor?

But in the less-scrutinized lieutenant governor race, a "fake" Democratic candidate put up by the state Republican Party out-polled the two actual Democratic candidates.

Isaac Weix won 44 percent of the vote in Sussex.

Mahlon Mitchell — who and will take on Republican incumbent Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch on June 5 — won 35 percent of the Sussex vote, with Ira Robins earning 18 percent.

It was actually Weix's second time serving as a Republican Party protest candidate. in the recall against state Sen. Shelly Moore (D-River Falls). Weix lost to Moore but got 45 percent, and Moore went on to lose her seat to Republican Sheila Harsdorf.

The in order to make sure all recall races and general elections targeting Republicans were held on the same date.

The lieutenant results in Sussex:

  • 44 percent (527) - Isaac Weix
  • 35 percent (412) - Mahlon Mitchell
  • 18 percent (218) - Ira Robins

But when it comes to the governor's race, Sussex residents were clear as to whom they wanted in office. Sweeping the race with more than 70 percent of the vote, Gov. Scott Walker stole the show, followed by Tom Barrett with 20 percent of the vote.

In total, 2,681 Sussex residents voted at the on Tuesday, meaning there was a 42 percent turnout.

The governor results in Sussex:

  • 70 percent (1,877) - Scott Walker
  • 20 percent (553) - Tom Barrett
  • 8 percent (206) - Kathleen Falk
Joseph May 10, 2012 at 11:49 AM
Just as expected, a conservative area voting for conservatives. Village board should remind themselves they are representing a conservative area and if they are not doing things the people want, then they will find themselves out of jobs.


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