State Aid For Hamilton School District Increases

The district will receive $17,069,724 from the state, $527,355 more than it did last year, Department of Public Instruction said in a report.

The Hamilton School District will receive more in state aid during this school year than it did last year, according to a report released by the Department of Public Instruction. 

The district will receive $17,069,724 from the state, $527,355 more than it did last year, the state agency said in its report. 

"The calculation is relatively complicated," Businesses Services Assistant Superintendent Bryan Ruud said. "Basically the equalized aid is equalized upon wealth. It's property value behind each student." 

The aid amount change is due in part to the district's property value decreasing by 2.84 percent and the district underspending its budget last year, according to Ruud. 

District officials are quick to remind the community that $527,355 increase in aid received from the state does not amount to a windfall for Hamilton because of the revenue limit.   

"The revenue limit doesn't change, we have the same amount to spend but more of it will come from state aid rather than local property tax levy," said Ruud, who noted that the revenue limit increase by $50 per student this year. 

yougotme October 17, 2012 at 12:40 PM
I am very glad the district is receiving these dollars, the schools can continue to be one of the best in the state! What I am also glad to see is that the political trolls that haunt Sussex patch pages aren't criticizing the government (handouts) here....some are so bent to the will of rhetoric they believe government money is for the weak desperate and poor 47%!! Continue being great Hamilton school district! By ALL means necessary!


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