Who in Sussex Owes the Most State Taxes?

A small group of individuals and businesses in Sussex has made the state's list of delinquent taxpayers.

Two things in life are guaranteed: Death and taxes. Unfortunately, when the Grimm Reaper arrives on your doorstep, you don’t have that choice. But it’s completely up to whether or not you choose to pay your taxes.

There’s certainly plenty abuzz about taxes as well. The looming “Fiscal Cliff” has ensnared our nationally elected officials in a heated debate about the fair share for people of all incomes to pay.

Most residents do pay their taxes on time. However, there are many who chose to ignore the tax man, or who just don't have the money to pay up.

Business and residents in Sussex owe a combined $2.7 million in delinquent taxes to the state of Wisconsin, according to the Department of Revenue’s delinquent taxpayers database accessed Thursday.

Here’s a look at 10 of the individuals and businesses that owe the most:

Amount Owed Name/Business Tax Type 1 $870,944.80 Steffen's Auto Body Sales, Income, Business Tax Registration
2 $238,767.55 Becker Heating & Air Conditioning
Withholding, Sales, Income
3 $218,588.47 James Schrader
Income 4 $191,845.20 Jeanne Schrader
5 $138,762.57 Jane Punko
Withholding, Sales, Income
6 $107,790.08 Dwayne Joel
Withholding, Sales, Income
7 $91,570.29 Daniel Putz
Sales, Income, Fees
8 $90,811.41 Signature Landscapes
Sales, Business Tax Registration
9 $89,654.08 JMJ Cable, Inc.
Withholding, Sales
10 $89,619.08 Bonnie Monsoor
Withholding, Sales Source: Wisconsin Department of Revenue Delinquent Taxpayers Database (Accessed December, 13, 2012)

Patch attempted to contact Steffen's Auto Body, but the line has been disconnected and the business is closed. You can view the complete list of delinquent taxpayers online.

The passage of Act 28 in 2009 required the Department of Reveune to post information about delinquent taxpayers online.

Businesses and residents that owe more than $5,000 are placed on the list, which is updated quarterly. The state continually updates its database, and will remove the names of those listed immediately after they resolve their debt with the state.


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