Architectural Review Board Gets Crack At Meijer Plan

Board members focus on materials used for exterior, fencing, railing elements.

Members of the village's Architectural Review Board on Tuesday made several design inquiries for a proposed Meijer store and gas station in the Village of Sussex.
The board, which seemed receptive to the presentation made by development and design officials working with the retailer, focused its attention on materials to be used throughout the exterior of the 200,000 square foot building, to be located at Highways K and 164.

The building will be brick on all fours sides with accents and complementary elements made of stone and ceramic material. Two 2-story glass features will mark the "Home" and "Fresh" entryway and will flank a large red Meijer marquee sign in the front of building. 

One of the main priorities for designers and the retailer is "to bring something fresh and new into the market," said Mickael Klingl, senior development coordinator at Greenberg Farrow, a planning, development and architectural firm based in Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

Steve Pellechia, the board chairman, suggested having more stone instead of brick throughout the exterior, including behind the Meijer sign in the front of the building.

"I think the Meijer (sign) would still stand out, but it would look richer," Pellechia said. "I want this to look nice for Sussex and we try to bring as much stone in as we can."

Board members also asked for more information regarding materials used for shade cloth, fencing and guard railing throughout the property.  

The store, which plans to hire 200 to 250 employees, will be about 60 percent grocery and also consist of retail and pharmacy.

The company has about 200 stores in the Midwest and plans to open three other stores in the metro area.

A public hearing regarding modification of village ordinance involved in the project will be held on Oct. 23.

Bradley Peil October 03, 2012 at 07:22 PM
there's enough stone. this place is surrounded by quarries. and the stone is most likely fake . cultured pressed junk. perhaps we shouldn't be so picky or they'll go elsewhere.


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