Sussex Man Asks for a Donated Kidney on a 10-foot Billboard

Jeff Nelson has been on the transplant list for three years and he has decided to take it upon himself to find his own donor.

A Sussex man is taking to the streets to find his own kidney donor by renting billboard space.

Jeff Nelson, 51, rented a 10-foot-tall billboard on 25th Street near Canal Street, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The billboard reads:

I Need A Kidney
Can You Share Your Spare?

Nelson was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease 13 years ago and has been on the transplant list for three years at Froedtert Hospital, University of Wisconsin Madison and Mayo Clinic, according to his Facebook Page. Both his mother and brother have died from it.

His brother-in-law went through the testing process and came out to be match, reported Milwaukee Magazine. Unfortunately, during the 24-hour blood pressure monitoring his brother was found to have high blood pressure and wasn't able to undergo the surgery.

Family, friends and co-workers have all been tested but none were a match.

Nelson, a technical project manager, paid $350 to have the message up until mid-April in hopes that people come forward to help. 

“You can be my hero and save my life by being a living kidney donor,” Nelson wrote on his Facebook page. “Can YOU share your spare?”

Anyone interested in learning about living kidney donations can contact:

Froedtert Memorial Hospital, Living Donor Transplant Coordinator at (414) 805-0310.

Nelson can also be reached at kidney4jeff@hotmail.com. 

Al Olmstead March 30, 2013 at 01:05 PM
Hello Jeff, We wish you the very best and pray you and a donor are quickly united. My testing was not a match for you, however there are many others in need. Your message was inspirational and led me to sign up for the national donor registration list. Prayers to you.
Silva Morgan June 11, 2013 at 05:32 PM
hello, good news to all looking for kidney, congratulations for we now have kidney for all blood group, so if you are in need of any, kindly contact... drpensal@hotmail.com... and they will tell you what to do. regards.


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