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Adam Neylon is a small business owner and president of the Neylon Group, a Waukesha-based commercial window cleaning company with contracts throughout southeast Wisconsin.
After graduating from Carroll University in 2008, Adam worked for Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner for three years, including a year on Capitol Hill.  While in Washington DC, he studied Public Policy at the Cato University on the Hill and completed a fellowship at the Heritage Foundation.   In 2010, Adam returned to Wisconsin to serve as the Waukesha County Field Director, working to elect both Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson.  He then spent two years working in Republican leadership, as the Policy Director for Speaker Pro Tempore Bill Kramer in Madison.  During that time, he drafted two bills that became state law.  He is running for the vacant 98th Assembly District because he believes he’s capable of making positive difference in the future of Wisconsin. As a small business owner, he understands the challenges facing job creators in Wisconsin, and will work to build a stronger business climate in Wisconsin, lower taxes and transform education.  To learn more visit www.AdamNeylon.com 
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