What Have you got Against Jesus?

why would anyone wanna take Christ out of Christmas - what could you possibly dislike about Jesus?

What do you have against Jesus?

He came because he knew we were in trouble.

He was born poor.

Steps in and saves a Party by providing wine when the host had come up short – that’s a good friend –

He offers hope to widows –

Sick people are finding themselves healed –

He sits down and offers kindness to a woman that others are avoiding –

They bring another woman to him that others are about to kill because she is caught having sex where she wasn’t supposed to – and Jesus saves her life… and He’s kind…

He LOVES people that others don’t –

He touches people that society pushes away – He’s good to them –

He reaches out to the People that no one else seems to want anything to do with.

Children seem to love to be around Him & He seems to always be willing to take time out for them –

There’s a whole bunch of people that have been listening to him speak & they have no food – no problem – Jesus feeds them all – for free –

He cooks –

He cleans – I mean really, there is a bunch of guys that have been following him around – their feet are dirty & what does Jesus do – He gets down and washes their feet –

Jesus teaches people to be honest –

Tells them to be kind to others –

I guess if you want revenge you could get mad at him when He teaches us to love our enemies – but down in the core of our being – we all know that returning hate with hate only adds to the problem –

I mean – what have you really got against Jesus –

He doesn’t hate –

He loves –

He’s kind –


He brings Peace and Good Will to men –


I say keep Christ in Christmas -


What could anyone possibly have against Jesus –



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Steve Rogers December 25, 2012 at 02:08 PM
I just think that if people knew Him they'd wanna spend time with Him as opposed to trying to kick him out of the celebration of His birthday ... in the end - it's probably not Him they are mad at... ? how could it be ? who could have anything against Him? anyway ... MERRY CHRISTmas
FreeThought Troy December 26, 2012 at 07:51 PM
One: There is no proof - none - Jesus ever existed. Two: Even if he did, the census of Ceasar Augustus did not take place in December, thus Jesus was not born in Dec. Three: the celebration of the fictitional Jesus Birthday was moved to Dec. due to the popularity of Jule - a pagan holiday. So basically, the "Church" wanted to steal a holiday and more converts from the pagans. I am not mad at Jesus. It would be like I were mad at Thor or Appollo. I am mad at the Church who tries to force his myth on everyone, whether they want to be included or not. They they cry persecution and claim victimhood when anyone reminds us to keep religion in church and respect those of us who want to keep the Gov. secular and not turn us into another Afghanistan, Syria or Egypt. I won't think in your church if you won't pray in my statehouse.
Steve Rogers December 26, 2012 at 08:10 PM
Thanks for that FreeThoughtTroy - your welcome to come and "think" in our church anytime - I agree whole-hartedly with the notion that generally speaking - people have more of a problem with "the church" than they do with the actual idea of Jesus - or at least the principles that He taught - I'm a little struck though by the idea that you kinda claim the statehouse as "yours" as opposed to "ours" ...
FreeThought Troy December 26, 2012 at 08:32 PM
That certainly wasn't my intention to claim the state house is not everyones, Steve. I do apologize. I modified an old Freethought mantra... mantra: i.e. I read a bumper sticker. I did it on the fly so didn't really weigh the effects. Sorry again.


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