Hamilton Teacher Uses 'Flipped Classroom' for Personalized Learning

The precalculus teacher uses a method in which students watch a lecture at home and practice the concepts in the classroom.

Hamilton math teacher Kelly Meyer flipped the tables on the way she teaches her precalculus class.

Meyers used the flipped classroom, in which students watched videos of her presenting lessons before coming to class and engaged in activities during class time.

A flipped classroom is a instructional model where students watch the lecture presentation at home online and then practice what they learned in the classroom where they can get support.

Two former students told the board on Feb. 5 that the flipped classroom allowed them to move ahead or catch up on class content as necessary, according to Hamilton School Board highlights.

Meyers told the board that students often told her that prior to the flipped classroom students understood the concepts but when they worked on the problems at home they were confused. This concept has allowed her to do more personalized teaching.

The Director of Education Technology Services at Penn State University told Campus Techonology, "The flipped classroom has become increasingly popular lately because there are so many new technologies that make out-of-classroom content creation a little bit easier."


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