Record Number of Hamilton Students take ACT

Hamilton students' ACT scores are increasing, and more students are taking the test than ever before. See how these students compare to the state average.

More students took the ACT during the 2011-12 school year than ever before, according to newly released numbers by the Department of Public Instruction.

With 338 high school seniors, 74.6 percent of the class took the college readiness test. That’s a far cry from the 58 percent of students who took the exam in 1995, the first year the DPI began recording turnout.

In addition, the average ACT score this past school year was 23.7, the second highest composite score ever recorded at Hamilton. District spokesperson Denise Lindberg says, although the numbers are impressive, the school will continue to work toward excellence. 

"Not only are a record number of Hamilton High School students taking the ACT, but it’s also the second highest composite score in the school’s history," Lindberg said. "We have two important goals, and one of them is to improve achievement, but the other is to also improve student participation."

In Wisconsin, just 60 percent of high school seniors turned up to take the ACT. And with an average statewide score of 22.1, Hamilton students are ahead of the curve. The score is also on track with Hamilton’s slowly increasing average over the last 16 years.

And Wisconsin students remain among the top in the nation, with a statewide composite score a full point ahead of the national average.

Average Hamilton ACT Score & Turnout

Percent Tested Average Score 74.6 23.7 71.3 23.6 73.4 24.1 71.6 23.1 66.1 23.2


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