PHOTOS: Templeton Technology Program Chosen as Best in Wisconsin

The completely revamped program is drawing in more than twice as many students and focuses on things like 3D design, plastic fabrication and digital electronics.

was chosen the Middle School Program of the Year by the Wisconsin Technology Education Association (WTEA).

The award honors education and industry professionals who have demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to technology education.

Templeton applied engineering and technology teacher Shannon Flaherty received the award March 8 at the WTEA ”Building Wisconsin Strong” annual conference in Wisconsin Dells. The award recognized Templeton’s success in:

  • Integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curriculum throughout the school
  • Increasing female enrollment in technology and engineering classes
  • Providing afterschool activities for students.

Templeton transformed its technology and engineering program in 2006-07, taking it from a traditional industrial arts to a modern STEM-based curriculum. In those six years, the program has seen an increase in course offerings, elective enrollments and female student enrollment.

All seventh grade students are required to take “Gateway to Technology and Engineering” which focuses on technology and the design and modeling process. Eighth-graders may choose “Technology and Engineering Education” which introduces students to material properties, structures, computer-aided 3D design, digital electronics, energy transfer, wood and plastic fabrication and automation. 

Flaherty said he is proud that Templeton has significantly increased the rigor of the program while attracting more students. Enrollment in the eighth grade elective course increased from 43 students in 2006 to 118 student last year.

STEM curriculum is spread across Templeton as well. Eighth grade science classes include a unit on simple machines, work and energy in which students fabricate a Rube Goldberg machine using STEM principles. Students in a sixth grade social studies-science class create a primitive irrigation tool to better understand the use of technology in ancient Egypt. More integration units are planned.

In addition, Flaherty works with students in extracurricular activities such as the Bulldog Club and Manufacturing and Entrepreneur Club.

Rachel Holley Sciortino April 03, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Marvelous program and even more marvelous TEACHER -- congrats Mr. Flaherty -- on this well deserved honor!
Luke April 04, 2012 at 07:17 AM
Yes, great job by Mr. Flaherty. My uncle successfully motivates girls to step up into programs by reminding them that that studies show that groups with women in them tend to make better decisions that those with men alone. Therefore, we need more women interested in these areas to stay ahead of other countries. USA! USA! USA!


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