PHOTOS: Art Student of the Month, Breanna Hertzberg

Hamilton student Breanna Hertzberg shows off her artwork on Patch and explains what art means to her.

Hamilton High School student Breanna Hertzberg writes:

My interest in art goes back to elementary school when I had art every day.  I started to realize my talent in art in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade. I am currently taking Art Survey here at HHS as a sophomore, which I like because I have the opportunity to try a little of everything. Next semester I will be taking drawing and then most likely going onto painting or a ceramics class and finally working towards an AP class. 

In the future I would like to pursue a career as an art instructor, because I enjoy teaching others about the art that interest me. One of my favorite artists is Van Gogh, and one of my favorite pieces that he painted was The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum. I like this painting because I like art styles with popping colors and various textures.   I feel that these elements show emotion and attract my attention in artworks.

When I create my artwork I want it to have a deeper meaning to lead people to think about it more. I prefer to doodle and sketch with pencils because I enjoy using value, but I also enjoy watercolors because it allows me to play with color.   One of my favorite assignments this year was to draw and enlarge a picture and add value to it.  

I feel the need to continue my appreciation and interest for Art because it has become my “get away” for stress and happiness.


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