A Dozen Teachers Recognized By The Hamilton Education Foundation

The foundation presented four teachers with Class Act tributes, awarded seven teachers with New Horizons Grants while one support staff member received the ROSS award during back-to-school breakfast.

The Hamilton Education Foundation recognized 12 Hamilton School District staff members for their hard work during an back-to-school breakfast in August.  

The foundation presented four teachers with Class Act tributes, awarded seven teachers with New Horizons Grants while one support staff member received the ROSS award.

A Class Act Tribute salute teachers for meritorious performance in the classroom by being outstanding role models in “enhancing our children’s futures,” the district said in a statement. 

Templeton Middle School teachers Kerri Warsh, Kristy Laurich, Erin Maslowski and Judy Schatz were awarded Class Act Tributes.  

New Horizons grants will fund a total of about $5,000 for unique and innovative projects. The projects were requested by Hamilton teachers to enrich or supplement teaching efforts and learning activities that directly benefit students, the district said.

Each grant offers up to $750 to help implement new ideas into the class curriculum that are not supported by budgeted school funds. The Hamilton Education Foundation, since its inception in 1991, has awarded about $150,000 in New Horizons Grants. The grants have gone to more than 322 teachers for projects benefiting more than 43,000 students. 

Teachers were awarded 2012-13 New Horizons grants are Marcy Elementary School teachers Caryn Deeken, Amanda Norris and Kaye Hunt, Templeton Middle School teachers Lisa Schmeling, Mary Caucutt and Tina Hill, (back row) Marcy Elementary teachers Pam Biron, Bridget Matthiesen, Willow Springs Learning Center teacher Rheann Fegley, Templeton teachers Kristin Hill, Angela Weber, Marie Kramer, Jennifer Callan and Erin Maslowski.

Recognition of Support Staff (ROSS) tributes are presented to district support staff members who are committed and dedicated to a positive and professional environment in Hamilton schools, the district said. Woodside paraprofessional Karin Burleson earned the award. 

Steve ® September 25, 2012 at 05:28 AM
All of these teachers awarded signed the Walker recall petition. Kerri Warsh http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw098063.png Kristy Laurich http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw019001.png Amanda Norris, http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw118890.png Kaye Hunt http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw055485.png Lisa Schmeling http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw103765.png Mary Caucutt http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw056881.png Possibly Tina Hill Bridget Matthiesen http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw055485.png Rheann Fegley http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw087065.png Possibly Angela Weber Marie Kramer http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw103765.png Erin Maslowski http://images.iverifytherecall.com/images/sw/sw009404.png
Luke September 25, 2012 at 11:09 AM
I'm very happy that these outstanding teachers have been recognized for their work. However, since the teachers' union is against merit pay, shouldn't union members be against any award that is described as an award for "meritorious performance"??? Regardless, I am grateful that these women are in our school, and even more grateful that people noticed how outstanding they actually are.


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