Walker Wins Sussex with 74 Percent of Vote

With almost the exact same for level of support Gov. Scott Walker as in 2010, the Village of Sussex has spoken as residents overwhelmingly choose to keep Walker in office.

It looks like residents in Sussex cannot be swayed as Gov. Scott Walker pulled in 74 percent of the votes during Tuesday’s election, the exact same amount he snagged when running against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in 2010.

Sussex Village Clerk Sue Freiheit reports there were 6,996 registered voters in Sussex, and after a total of 5,392 residents cast a ballot, the village saw more than an 77 percent turnout at the polls. What's more is that Sussex officials registered almost 550 new voters on election day alone.

Fewer than 4,700 residents voted in the 2010 gubernatorial election.

Final, unaudited city results:


  • Scott Walker – 3,994
  • Tom Barrett – 1,367
  • Hari Trivedi - 21
  • Other – 3 

Lieutenant Governor:

  • Rebecca Kleefisch – 3,904
  • Mahlon Mitchell – 1,392
  • Other – 11

Walker’s win in Sussex comes at no surprise after it was revealed how village residents donated. According to , Sussex residents  to the incumbent Republican governor than they did to the Milwaukee mayor.

In addition, Patch interviewed multiple residents leaving the Armory polling station, and all but one said they voted for Gov. Scott Walker.

“I voted for Scott Walker,” said one Sussex woman. “I’m a Republican, and I think Tom Barrett is a — you fill in the blank.”

“I voted for Walker,” said another woman exiting the Amory. “I feel like I’m a Republican, and Republicans fend for themselves. I also thought Walker took care of the deficit, so that’s why.”

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