Village Moves Forward on New Welcome Signs

The Public Works members have one month to brainstorm as the village has made this project a priority.

Replacing the on the outskirts of Sussex has been put on the fast track after discussion during Tuesday’s Public Works Meeting at the .

Greg Goetz, the Village President, is eager to get the signs installed in early 2012, so committee members are placing the design and aesthetics of the sign up for a vote during next month’s meeting.

“This is something that I’m adamant about getting going in spring,” said Goetz.

It’s now up to the committee members to brainstorm ideas as to what the sign should look like and what it will say. Considering Quad/Graphics donated the $36,000 for the new welcome signs, some sort of acknowledgement has to be placed on each sign as well.

While committee member Tim Dietrich couldn’t make Tuesday’s meeting, he had Goetz bring along a photo sheet from Halquist Stone to show the board what type of sign he was envisioning. The photos were much like the large stone sign at the entrance to the Seven Stones subdivision.

“Tim went to Halquist and found a no maintenance sign that’s cut in stone,” Goetz said. “It might look more like Sussex because Sussex represents stone with all the quarries versus something that’s brick or wood. This is not set in stone, but he wanted someone to look at it,” Goetz continued as members giggled at his purposeful pun.

However, Village Administrator Jeremy Smith shut down the idea because of a village ordinance requiring signs to have brick pillars on each side. Goetz asked if the ordinance could be changed, but Smith said it might open a can of worms concerning other area businesses and their signs.

To properly price out the items, committee members are going to come back during next month’s meeting with specific ideas as to how to proceed. Then Melissa Weiss, the Assistant to the Village Administrator, said she could begin pricing out how much each sign would cost. 


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