VIDEO: Arrest Made at Bill Clinton Appearance at Pere Marquette Park

Supporter of Gov. Scott Walker was arrested for disorderly conduct after a verbal altercation with a few Barrett backers at Milwaukee rally with Clinton.

A vocal supporter of Gov. Scott Walker was arrested for disorderly conduct Friday during a rally for Democrat Tom Barrett that featured former President Bill Clinton.

During the morning rally at Pere Marquette Park in Milwaukee, the Walker supporter was holding a sign that read "Support Scott Walker NOT Union Thugs." In the middle of the crowd, he would put his sign in front of other signs supporting Barrett.

One Patch reader gives her take on the events:

"My husband and I were at the rally standing six feet from him 15 minutes before the rally began, during, and when he was arrested as the rally ended," she writes. "Even before the rally began he was screaming at people near him that held recall signs. Get out the vote volunteers flanked him to make sure he was safe even as he was screaming at people and acting as if he could hit people with his sign.

"An elderly woman asked him to have some manners so she could hear the speakers. He became more belligerent, and when the president took the stage, he became louder with non-stop yelling at people in his close proximity and at the president. You could not hear the president anymore as the guy was yelling at everyone around him and the president."

Milwaukee police ultimately intervened and cheers erupted from the crowd as police took him away. There were no injuries. 

Anne E. Schwartz, spokeswoman Milwaukee Police Department, said it was the arrest at the rally.

KERRY HUMMEL June 07, 2012 at 04:09 PM
Hey you Union idiots how do you feel now? Hopefully they stop your pensions now and make you pay into a 401K. Remember you work for the people and if the people dont want you to have a pension then so be it. Just like all of us there is no requirement for Pensions. You have social security or pay into a 401K. Maybe we should just privatize everything in government except the elected officials if you think about it we don't need govenment employees. I hope that's next then maybe you will earn your keep. LOL SUCKS TO BE A UNION EMPLOYEE LOL
Yada yada yada... June 13, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Barry Willougby, is your son Dave Willoughby, the head age group swim coach for the South West Aquatic Team? Not slammin', just askin'. If so, that's REALLY weird because the head coach and program director for that outfit, Robert Bentley White, Jr., is a flaming liberal. Dave 'coaches' lots of kids from families of cops, firefighters, teachers, etc., Hopefully be doesn't take his party bias out on the kids... http://www.swimswat.org/Contact.jsp?team=wsswat
Yada yada yada... June 13, 2012 at 06:04 PM
the protestor wasn't a Marine. He's the son of a marine and currently holds down the lofty post of 'swim coach'. His bio lists he has a 'fire science' degree. I bet if you offered him a 'union job' as a firefighter, he'd jump at it. Here's his bio: Dave Willoughby Head Age Coach-Lead AGP and AGG Coach 'Coach Dave enters his 2nd year coaching with SWAT. With over 25 years of competitive swimming experience, he is a graduate from UW-Stevens Point with a Developmental Coaching degree, and a Fire Science Degree from Edison College. ...Dave has been directly involved with YMCA, Collegiate and USS Swimming as head coach, or assistant coach as well as camp director.'
Deb Strzelecki June 13, 2012 at 11:14 PM
After getting the bio for this guy, he sounds lieek just an obnoxious jock who's riding on his Marine daddy's coattails. He was getting into people faces and was very loud mouthed. He would've gotten his message across by being more dignified.
Deb Strzelecki June 13, 2012 at 11:17 PM
He was getting into peoples' faces and shouting even before Clinton arrived. Causing a disturbance in public is what constitutes "disorderly conduct," which is what he was arrested and cited for. Educate yourself about local ordinances before posting, please.


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