Sussex Residents to See Savings on Trash Pickup Bills

Homeowners to pay about $35 less per year for garage and recycling pickup than those in comparable municipalities in the area, under new deal with Veolia.

Sussex homeowners are going to pay a little less per year for trash and recycling services than residents in nearby communities, under the terms of a new contract with Veolia Environmental Services.

The Public Works Committee on Monday unanimously approved a three-year extension of a sanitation and recycling services contract with Veolia. The deal still needs to be approved by the Village Board.

Village Administrator Jeremy Smith recommended renewal of the contract because homeowners will pay about 20 percent less than those in comparable municipalities, and because Veolia will not charge a fuel surcharge.  

"The village has received good service from Veolia and given the price competitiveness of the contract without the fuel surcharge, staff is recommending extending the existing contract," Smith wrote in a memo to the committee. 

According to analysis by village staff, Sussex homeowners will pay about $35 less than in other comparable municipalities, where the average is about $170 a year for sanitation and recycling services. 

The contract will increase 3 percent per year. Even with the annual percentage increase, fees in Sussex would still be about $24 less than the average three years from now.  

"Three precent is reasonable increase given inflation," Smith said. 

In addition to fuel, sanitation charges typically are effected by time it takes to collect trash and recycling, the proximity to landfills, tipping fees and the revenue earned for recyclables.  

Smith told committee members that he spoke to other sanitation and recycling services contractors. 

"When we told them what our rates are, they gave us the indication that we were very competitive," he said. 

Joseph September 05, 2012 at 11:42 AM
Did you look at Waste Management? I know standard rates between the two, Veolia is more expensive.


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