Sussex Election Preview: Voter ID, Where To Vote, Candidate Info

Village, county and national races make for a full ballot on Tuesday; be informed before you head out and cast your ballot.

Unless you've been abroad (for example, interplanetary travel), you know that it will be time to head to the polls on Tuesday. We've listed information about the candidates in all contested races on our .

There are only two contested races going on in the village. Incumbent is competing with  for the Menomonee Falls seat on the Hamilton School Board, and it's been an interesting race after learning .

In addition, of Oconomowoc is running against of Waukesha to become the next Lake County Municipal Judge. 

Deborah Briggs of the Village of Butler and Dawn Van Aacken of the Town of Lisbon are running unopposed for their respective seats on that Hamilton School Board. Also, Bob Zarzynski, Pat Tetzlaff and Matthew Cmeyla are running unopposed for their titles as village trustees, something that has some residents buzzing after learning .

Voter Information

The polls for all districts open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

The Village of Sussex only has one polling location, and it's the on Maple Avenue. Voters who live in Wards 1 to 7, in the Hamilton School District can see a sample ballot here. Voters who live in Ward 8, in the Arrowhead School District, can see a sample ballot here.

If you have any questions regarding voting locations or regulations, please call Village Clerk Sue Freiheit at (262) 246-5211 or you can email her at sfreiheit@villagesussex.org.

Not sure of your ward? Be sure to look at the village's ward map that outlines in color-coded blocks what ward each resident in the area lives in.

Waukesha County Races

In addition to the local races in Sussex, village voters also will be casting ballots for various Waukesha County races. However, none of the candidates running in the county races are facing off against another candidate.

Circuit Court races in Waukesha County will post the following candidates: Jennifer Dorow in Branch 2 and Kathryn Foster in Branch 12. They will also post Richard Brown as the Court of Appeals Judge in District 2.

Primary Race for President

Oh, yes...that too. Although there are four active candidates campaigning for the Republican nomination for president, all candidates who have thrown their hat in the ring will still be listed on the ballot: Newt GingrichJon Huntsman, Mitt RomneyMichele BachmannRon PaulRick Santorum.

Although there are no expected challengers to the sitting Democratic President Barack Obama, it still exists as an option to write in. Please note you will be required to fill in the preferred party you will vote in first, then pick an individual candidate within that party.

Election Law Changes

While the Voter ID law had taken effect and impacted the primary races in February, a recent injunction has put the requirement that voters show identification on hold. Residents may still be asked for a current photo ID showing proof of residence, but it is not required. You will be required to sign in to the voter roll book when you arrive at the polls.


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