Rep. Paul Ryan on Recalls: 'Courage is on the Ballot'

Congressman Paul Ryan was in Mount Pleasant Friday to talk about his ideas for a federal budget, and Patch got a little bit of time with him to talk about Wisconsin recall elections.

When it comes the Wisconsin recall elections, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan says it's really all about courage.

"I think courage is on the ballot," he said in an interview with Patch Friday. "What I mean by that is Governor (Scott) Walker went after some of the root causes of the structural problems in the state budget."

People might not have liked the way Walker went about budget reform, Ryan added, but going after some of the causes of the state's deficit took a lot of guts.

"The majority of local budgets are labor," the Republican congressman said. "So I think the message beyond Wisconsin is, don't try and tackle these problems. If you do, as a state legislator or a governor, this is what can happen to you."

Ryan said the goal of recall organizers is to intimidate other reformers around the country to not bother dealing with public employee pensions and benefits as they relate to their private sector counterparts.

As for how close the June 5 election will be, Ryan agrees with that say it will be a tight race. However, he firmly believes Walker will come out the winner.

"These reforms are starting to work, and people are seeing services weren't deeply cut and their property taxes went down for the first time in 12 years," said Ryan, who was in Mount Pleasant for a listening session with residents. "I talked to a school superintendent who saved over $1 million in one year because they can put out for bid for their health insurance."

School districts are hiring more teachers and local governments are lowering taxes without deep cuts to services. As time has gone on, taxpayers are seeing the savings, he added.

"The whole purpose of the recall is more popular for Walker and (opponents) are not campaigning against him on the reforms and so because of that, it's a more weaker opposition and he'll probably win, but it will be close," Ryan concluded.

Nick Poulos May 07, 2012 at 03:50 AM
What is the desired end-state, the point of arrival to which you look? when you adore this destroyer of America's system, the democratic republic. Is No one is asking the right questions? so much remains concealed: at the very least, don't you want to ask a few questions that expose that which remains hidden and unspoken? Those of you who worship this well-spoken, educated, articulate man fail to admit and or to realize that Paul Ryan represents a dangerous force to our democratic republic. That budget was a fraudulent cross-bow shot that was meant to further inflame and divide our nation: absurd in its entirety. So Ryan is either duping those of you applauding, or he is leading a false and destructive new ethics that you share or no one chooses to look for the truth - for that which remains concealed: truth is un-hiddenness. Which one?! We need Augustinian/Aristotelian leadership, not a Ayn Rand "objectivist" - self-centered, divisive and completely solipsistic. The best one can hope for is that Ryan is merely the scrivener-puppet of the plutocratic oligarchy, their willing "photogenic" front man, whom you choose to adulate. In and of itself, that fact can only be a tragic mistake for America's democratic republic and for Wisconsin in particular: do any of you remember Proxmire?
Keith Schmitz May 07, 2012 at 10:09 AM
Yes little man. I'm a horrible crook. Run along and play.
morninmist May 08, 2012 at 11:18 AM
And Ryna's buddy Mitt is a sleaze ball also!! Blue Gal/Fran ‏ @bluegal Sorry, Romney-defenders, I don't vote for candidates who hide $3M in Swiss Bank Accounts. #LastWord 8h Sasha Sasha ‏ @sasha031 Mitt Romney: Mitt Romney Declines to Correct Crazy Woman Accusing Obama of 'Treason' - @Gawker http://gawker.com/5908371/mitt-romney-declines-to-correct-crazy-woman-accusing-obama-of-treason
BobNY May 08, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Actually, Bert and Bren, the "Bush tax cuts" actually did stimulate jobs, until the results of the CRA ( a democratic monster) destroyed the economy. But then again, giving loans to those who cannot afford them isn't a very good idea in the first place.
Summer Hemphill May 10, 2012 at 05:31 AM
Paul Ryan is a smug political poser who's divisive proposals stand no chance of ever becoming law ! However due to their inflammatory nature they're sure to drive enough Republicans & Independents to President Obama this November that they should be instrumental in the Democrats efforts to retake both house of Congress !!!


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