Pridemore Pushes Voter ID Bill

State representative says if passed, the bill will be implemented aggressively.

State Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Hartford, announced Friday that a photo ID bill will be introduced in the state Assembly very soon from his office.

According to a press release, Pridemore said the bill is on an aggressive implementation plan and it will also include a soft implementation of the bill if the election schedule permits.

The bill, which is currently being circulated for cosponsors, should be introduced within the next several weeks.

With the changes, Pridemore said in the statement more poll workers will be needed, but once they have experience fewer volunteers will be needed in the future.

“Wisconsin voters are very concerned with the integrity of our elections and the potential for voter fraud,” the release states. “I am addressing these concerns through proposed legislation.”

Sussex Clerk Sue Freiheit said there are many issues associated with proposed changes in regards to the voter ID issue, which makes it difficult to say what impact it will have on the local level if approved.

“We do have training with all our workers every year right now,” she said. “But until we know what’s approved, right now it’s kind of hard to guess what will happen.”

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