See The Future of Village Park in 3-D

Take an up-close look at what Sussex's Village Park could look like if the village's plans for major renovations at the park win Village Board approval.

has released its most detailed renderings of the , visually outlining in 3-D what each section of the park is slated to transform into over the upcoming years.

And you don't even need 3-D glasses to see them.

From the splash-pad to the enormous baseball quad-plex, the digital drawings of the park were ordered so Sussex could get a more specific total price tag. The original engineering firm, R.A. Smith National, estimated in September that the total park renovation would cost roughly $11 million based on initial drawings.

Sussex officials say that number is expected to change as a new cost estimate is being produced by another firm, Stantec

Flip through the photos above and read more about each section of the park. Also, with Sussex Parks and Rec Director Amy Flaherty on the details of the park and the potential impact on taxpayers.

Editor's Note: The park's cost of $11 million was updated to say it was an estimate based on preliminary drawings in Sept. That price is expected to change, and the project would happen over up to 20 years to distribute funds.

Common sense sussex June 24, 2012 at 11:19 PM
well after reading all these comments I decided to check with some of the local groups that said were working with the village on this and alot of them have come back not in favor of the design and our questioning the cost they will be charged to use the park. The current costs are out of hand and I can only imagine what the new ones will be. Just to give you an example if someone wants to rent an area and not have the frisbee golf interfee with them it costs the person $100.00. Why should we have to pay to close this when it does not cost anyone to play or the fact the village did not even pay for it but still has to maintain it. Come on lets be real here and get with it village board.
Justme July 30, 2012 at 12:30 PM
What BigD said. The park doesn't get used enough the way it is. I went to the park just this last Saturday late afternoon. The weather was beautiful and there waa only 1 middle-aged man playing disc golf - nobody using the playground, tennis courts or any other of the facilities the park has to offer. This idea would be a wreckless waste of WAY too much money. Seems so obvious to me to just say NO!
T Schrei August 02, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Justme, you couldn't be more wrong. I frequent the park often for baseball and softball games.I am amazed at the amount of kids that use the disc course and the playground is always buzzing with kids. The tennis courts are not in good shape so I assume that's why they are not used as much but I do see people there. A good park system is a good representation of our community fostering recreation, friendships, and memories. Me in the Falls does bring up an excellent point. The spray park should be closer to the playground. Parking should be closer to the hardball diamond.
T Schrei August 02, 2012 at 03:16 AM
I agree with you Andy. Crime in Sussex is small compared to neighboring communities. The activities that this park will offer are great and the park will be used year round. Keeping our children occupied with activities will keep them off of the streets thus keeping our crime rates low.. Deb - stop thinking about yourself and think about the many who will use the facilities. The park will make our great village even better!
T Schrei August 02, 2012 at 03:26 AM
Menomonee Falls does have a huge baseball complex on Mill Rd. There are 8 baseball diamonds in that park. Sussex Club teams(Hamilton School District affiliated), Land of Lakes, and SLYBA have a difficult time scheduling their seasons since there are so few fields. Hamilton HS only has one hardball diamond for use and one small diamond. The othere schools don't have a field that is safe to play on unless your playing t-ball. In Sussex, there is a huge need for baseball fields, soccer fields, and football fields for the rec programs to use. My kids are older and may not use the fields but I see the need for a great park.


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