Romney/Ryan Ticket Wins Sussex

Despite losing the presidential race, the Republican ticket fared well in Sussex as well as Thompson, Sensenbrenner and Farrow.

If it were up to Sussex, the Republican ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would be headed to the White House and Tommy Thompson would be on his way to the U.S. Senate. 

Voters here overwhelming supported Romney/Ryan with a 68 to 32 percent margin. Thompson faired even better, garnering 69 percent of the vote, according to unofficial results. 

This is nothing new for Sussex, where Republicans enjoy heavy advantages during the past two presidential races. 

The Village of Sussex has voted predominately Republican during the last two elections. In 2008, John McCain defeated President Barack Obama 64 to 36 percent in Sussex. In 2004, George W. Bush earned 70 percent of the vote over John Kerry and in 2000, Bush won with 67 percent of the vote over Al Gore.  

According to local officials, the election in Sussex went off with only minor hitches along the way. For instance, Village Clerk Sue Freiheit indicated that several voters cast ballots for more than one candidate in certain races, including the presidential. 

The lines at the National Guard Armory were long at times, but they seemed to move steadily, especially if voters were already registered.  

In terms of unofficial turnout, Sussex voters proved once again that they are an engaged segment of the electorate. According to preliminary figures, about 90 percent of voters cast their ballots during Tuesday's historic election. 

"This is a very important election, the most important one of my life," said Election helper Ken Meske, a retiree who's been working at the polls for the last four years.

Emblematic of how Sussex residents view their right to vote was Lisa Bougie, a mother of twins, who came out in the dreary day with her children to cast her ballot. 

"If I can get out and vote with these two, anyone can," Bougie said.

In races down the ticket, Jim Sensenbrenner beat Dave Heaster for the 5th Congressional District seat and Paul Farrow topped Eric Prudent for the 98th State Assembly seat. Farrow also defeated Chris Kapenga in the 33rd State Senate primary. 

Note: The President and U.S. Senate totals are for Sussex only. All other results are racewide. 

     Race       Pct. reporting Democratic Candidates Results Republican Candidates Results President





Romney-Ryan 4,182
U.S. Senate 100 Tammy Baldwin


Tommy Thompson


98th State Assembly District
100 Eric Prudent 9,338 Paul Farrow 22,358 5th Congressional District
100 Dave Heaster
117,972 Jim Sensenbrenner 249,267 Race  Pct. reporting Candidate Results Candidate Results 33rd State Senate - Primary 100 Chris Kapenga 28,837 Paul Farrow 31,843

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