Maintaining Quality Of Life a Top Priority in Proposed Village Budget

Village Administrator Jeremy Smith presents proposed budget to village leadership Thursday evening.

Sussex residents can expect their quality of life to be maintained as a result of the proposed 2013 budget, according to Village Administrator Jeremy Smith, who presented the revenue and spending plan Thursday evening.

During his hour-long presentation to village staff and leadership, Smith put "protect(ing) services and the value residents receive" as one of the foremost goals in preparing the proposed general budget for next year."

"Residents choose to live in Sussex when they have a lot of choices where to live because of the quality of life they receive here," he said standing in front of the conference room in the Village Safety Building.

"Whether it be the schools, whether it be the parks, whether it be public safety, you name it, they choose to live here because of the value."

Smith then detailed factors that will impact the final budget, including cuts in state aid, low interest rates, flat building permits and a slight increase in labor costs.

In addition, adjustments in depreciation, garbage contracts and water and sewer increases are also expected to factor in how the final budget is shaped.

Overall, the property tax levy is expected to increase $149,678, or 2.81 percent from last year, according to the proposed budget. As a result, homeowners will experience a tax rate increase from $4.73 to $4.95 per $1,000 assessed value.

That means the owner of the typical Sussex home assessed at $280,725 would see a $22, or 1.6 percent, increase in village taxes next year, if the budget is approved.

Although the slight tax increase may be good for homeowners, Smith noted the proposed budget reflects a decreased of the value of average home from $289,458 to $280,725, or 3 percent, from 2012 to 2013.

Budget meetings will be held on the first and last Thursdays of each month. Times and locations of those meetings are yet to be set.

The Finance and Personnel Committee meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. until the end of the year. Those meetings will be held at Village Hall. Note that some of those meetings may go into closed session if the discussion involves negotiations.


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