Mailmen End Absentee Ballot Drama in the 98th District

Former Police Chief Ed Baumann needed more than 30 absentee ballots delivered to clerk's offices Friday to have a chance at flipping the results in the 98th Assembly District race, but that total fell well short.

Speculation that roughly 160 outstanding absentee ballots could alter the outcome of the 98th Assembly District election was put to rest Friday afternoon.

On Tuesday, 28-year-old entrepreneur Adam Neylon edged former Pewaukee Police Chief Ed Baumann by 30 votes to represent the 98th Assembly District. The Republican primary election essentially determined the successor to Sen. Paul Farrow, who vacated the seat in December.  There are no Democrats running for the seat, so Neylon will run unopposed in April.

With just 30 votes separating Baumann and Neylon, several media outlets reported that those outstanding ballots could swing the election. But that speculation was put to bed after the mail was delivered Friday.

Just 12 of the 159 outstanding ballots were mailed to clerks in Pewaukee, the City of Pewaukee, Sussex, and Waukesha. One of the ballots lacked the proper signature and didn't count in Waukesha. Therefore, only 11 ballots will count.

All absentee ballots were required to be returned via the Postal Service and postmarked on Feb. 19. Baumann would have needed more than 30 ballots returned, and each would have to be a vote for him.

The mail has been delivered, and far fewer than 30 ballots were returned.

Here’s how the outstanding ballots were distributed:

  • Village of Pewaukee: 39 (4 returned by Friday) 
  • Sussex: 28 (1 returned by Friday) 
  • Pewaukee: 21 (3 returned by Friday) 
  • Waukesha: 66 (3 returned by Friday) 

Pending a canvass on Tuesday, Neylon will claim victory in the 98th District. Waukesha County Clerk Kathleen Novack will post final results late Tuesday or early Wednesday. 

The results Tuesday were as follows: 

98TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT RESULTS Candidate Total Votes Percent Adam Neylon 2,003 38.3% Ed Baumann  1,973 37.8% Jeanne Tarantino  773 14.8% Matt Morzy  253 4.8% Todd Greenwald  215 4.1% Results unofficial until canvassed 


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