Lisbon Delays Funding Decision on Pauline Haass Library

The Village of Sussex and the Town Lisbon have not reached a funding agreement for the Pauline Haass Library. The town will decide if it will continue to fund the library after April elections.

The Town of Lisbon won't decide if it will continue to fund the Pauline Haass Library until after the April elections, reported the Sussex Sun.

Lisbon Town Chairman Matt Gehrke said he doesn't want to make decision with only three board members and two vacancies, which will be filled after the elections.

The Sussex Village Board announced in October it was forming a committee to explore the future of the Pauline Haass Public Library as Town of Lisbon and village officials struggle to come to a long-term joint library agreement.   

In September, Lisbon rejected a proposal that would have Sussex pay $500,000 with the town paying $425,000 a year, according to the Sussex Sun. Lisbon is considering terminating the agreement if the two communities don't reach a funding agreement. 

Sussex Village President Greg Goetz said that if Lisbon were to discontinue funding the library would not close. 

Gehrke said the Village of Sussex should pay a larger share of library costs since Sussex residents use the library's services more than Lisbon residents.


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