Greendale Arch Ready Early Next Year

The arch is meant to bring more visitors into the Village Center and will be built next to the LED sign.

The arch meant to bring more visitors to the Village Center, is expected to welcome drivers in January.

The Village Board awarded the project bid to Poblocki Sign Company, LLC for $90,237. Grandhaven, LLC, landord to the Village Center merchants, has agreed to pay half the cost.

Construction is expected to start this month and should be done by mid-January, according to Village Manager Todd Michaels.

The final design for the arch was approved in July. The arch will be placed on Northway and Grange Avenue next to the new LED sign.

Discussions with business owners about what began as a modest gateway arch design started in June 2011. Around the same time, staff proposed the LED sign as a way to replace the old "welcome" sign at the intersection of Loomis Road and Grange Avenue. Instead some trustees thought it would be better to place the LED sign on the intersection of Northway and Grange Avenue in order to attract traffic from the new Macy's at Southridge Mall. 

Bren November 09, 2012 at 08:25 PM
Matt, I do know, and some things went forward despite opposition from the Planning Commission, Village President, and many residents. An advisory committee was recently formed, as a response, to review the issue of branding/village development. The arch, the LED sign, even the random Norman Rockwell statue placed in a high visibility area on Broad and Northway, are issues of concern, costing money while adding nothing to the historic appeal of the village. You make an excellent point, for example, about the arch. If an arch is actually needed at that intersection (which I surmise, other than during holiday shopping season, will be used primarily by people who already live in the village or nearby), it should maximize the village's messaging points. The advisory committee will help with that, given the chance. Of course, since the Planning Commission has been sidestepped more than once when they didn't agree with adding swag, there's no guarantee the advisory board will get more of a hearing. But the responsibility of current residents to protect and preserve the village for future generations so the effort must be made.
Matt M November 09, 2012 at 09:34 PM
First the statue was fully paid for by Reimans group, so that didn't cost a thing. Second the digital sign is already there so nothing can be done about that. Finially I am pretty sure that the village is used at times other than just the holiday shopping season, otherwise every business in the village would be out of business.
jeff ircink November 11, 2012 at 06:09 PM
i have yet to see the LED sign used for anything but "75th Anniversary", "Welcome to Historic Greendale", the occasional craft fair or farmer's market or an event here and there. fine - however that seems a limited use. and the arch - right next to the LED sign? ??????
Bren November 11, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Matt, someone spent money on the statue. That money could/would have better spent financing a professional branding/marketing effort. The Grange exit is likely used by Greendale, Franklin, and Hales Corners residents. Visitors would likely use 76th Street because of the freeway entrance. I cite the holiday shopping season as that's when parking is at a premium. By my observation at Mayfair and Southridge, parking is most available near Macy's during the year, and equally problematic during the holiday season.
Fred Saunders January 12, 2013 at 02:41 PM
The first thing I noticed about the LED sign as I waited in the left lane at a red light eastbound on Grange, was that one of the traffic poles (Walk light I believe) obscures the view of the sign. As I look at the Patch picture, it appears the arch base will only exacerbate this issue for the right lane too. Surely, the sign gods do not expect me to read lengthy messages while driving in motion. Was the southeast exit from the Southridge parking lot the only target audience for these items? As far as telling Mr. Reiman what he can or should spend his money on, that thought is just plain blurtatious.


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