GOP Party Leaders, Delegates Say Paul Ryan Hit All the Right Notes

Wisconsin's delegates to the National Republican Convention in Tampa say U.S. Rep Paul Ryan "knocked it out the park" as he gave his vice presidential acceptance speech before a national audience.

TAMPA, FL — Mixing his personal story with his views on what's wrong with America and his vision for fixing those problems, Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan introduced himself to America Wednesday night as he formally accepted the Republican party's vice presidential nomination.

The speech was full of criticisms of President Barack Obama on issues like health care, the economy and government regulation, yet also was peppered with emotion and humor, including a playful shot at running mate Mitt Romney for the kind of songs the presidential candidate has on his iPod.

While the enthusiastic Wisconsin delegates and other GOP leaders who filled the St. Pete Times Forum had nothing but praise for the speech, those who have known Ryan for years said it was a true reflection of the kind of man he is.

"He was the exact guy tonight that he's been for the last 14 years," said Bryan Steil of Janesville, an alternate delegate from Ryan's hometown. "He's delivering the same message he's delivered for 14 years: the risk of continuing on the fiscal path we're on and the need to take a real serious look at entitlements. But he got a chance to deliver that message not just to southeastern Wisconsin, but to the nation as a whole."


"It was amazing, really amazing," added Jim Miller, a delegate from Hayward. "I've seen Paul speak a few times before, but I think it's great that America can see what we already know in Wisconsin about Paul's rock star status and all that he's got to offer."

A Tribute to His Mother

Many in the convention hall — including Gov. Scott Walker and First Lady Tonette Walker — were moved to tears early on in the speech when Ryan talked about how his father died when Ryan was just 16. At the age of 50, Ryan's mother starting taking college courses, earned her degree and ultimately started a business, he said.

"I think a lot of people were moved to see the way he talked about his family," said Scott Walker. "I cried when he talked about his dad and he talked about his mom. There were times when I could feel the passion that Paul Ryan has and the love that he has for the American people."

Added Tonette Walker: "When he talked about his mom, I couldn't keep the tears from rolling down my eyes, and she is such a lovely lady. I've heard all the other stuff a little bit — the fiscal responsibility and dealing with the national debt and what they'll do with Obamacare — but it was neat to see that personal side of him."

That portion of the speech also resonated with state Sen. Alberta Darling of River Hills.

"He showed how his mother was his role model for building a small business and carrying the family forward, even though his father had died," Darling said. "That touches people. People can related to that."

High Marks from the Party Faithful

"It was fantastic," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. "I knew Paul would do a good job. He is a tremendous intellectual, so I knew the content would be great. But he even far outdid my expectations. I thought it was an amazing speech, loaded with content and certainly a lot of energy."

Added former Gov. Tommy Thompson, who is running for U.S. Senate: "I thought Paul Ryan was an absolute star. He was able to really capture the mood of this convention, but more importantly, the mood of the country. People can understand that Paul Ryan identifies the problems facing this country and — no finger-pointing — says we're going to solve those problems."

Delegate Candee Arndt of Brookfield said: "I thought his speech was absolutely amazing. He lived up to our expectations. I thought he hit a home run. He hit it out of the ballpark."

Darling took the accolades even farther, comparing Ryan to one of history's most famous Americans.

"He has such much integrity. He won't lie to us; he'll tell the truth. He's like Paul Revere," she said. "He's sounding the alarm that we are in a crisis, but there's still time to save the American Dream."

Obama Campaign: No Real Ideas

Not everyone was heaping praise on Ryan, however. During his speech, Obama's campaign sent reporters at least seven "fact check" press releases taking issue with various points made in the address.

"Paul Ryan offered Americans 40 minutes of vitriol and a half dozen previously debunked attacks, but not one tangible idea to move this country forward," Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter said in a statement.

"He blamed the president for an auto plant that closed under the previous administration, for not advancing a deficit reduction plan that he voted against, and for cutting Medicare even though he used those same savings in his budget to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy.  

“While hard truths were promised tonight, they never arrived."

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  • Bernard Forand September 07, 2012 at 01:43 PM
    @ James R Hoffa also commented on GOP Party Leaders, Delegates Say Paul Ryan Hit All the Right Notes. "@morninmist - Bernie replies; Your observations that candidates for office may not be identifying their political ideologies is correct. A good example recently was with the recall, republicans ran fake democrats against the democrat incumbent. Some actually do change their politics others do not. As to those claiming to once being republicans and were not. Who are you referring to? Do you think only one party uses that technique? Of course not. Political donations help to identify the candidates probable course of influence that they will be supporting bears some merit. Perhaps that is why after Supreme Court ruling of Jan. 2010 an avenue for non disclosure and unlimited funds could be funded to candidates and our statesmen. Observe the focal contributors’ to republicans is Not grassroots. Anonymous large sums from a limited source of donators‘. What does that imply? Russian, China, etc. USA corporations they may hold, can donate? Hmmm Talking points can be observed as what another translates from what they have read or heard just as you do as we all do. Your incline to imply that you are above all this does not imply integrity of the Hoffas. Here is someone with Integrity; With Obama and Frank Dodd. Restaing the Banks and Wall Street in check. Republicans raised over $200million to stop them. http://youtu.be/zNcbg1EU_bI
    Bernard Forand September 07, 2012 at 02:03 PM
    @ James R Hoffa also commented on GOP Party Leaders, Delegates Say Paul Ryan Hit All the Right Notes. "@morninmist - See Hoffa's post below debunking this crap story. You really need to learn how to think before you post! Or please tell us all one thing that Inclan did for the Republicans prior to 2008, because the article only references things that she has done for the Republicans since 2010. FYI - Obama was elected in 2008. Bernie replies; What the article indicated is relevant to the present circumstances from 2010. Should you desire to do some research then send one of your Hoffa buddies, to do just that. While your buddy Hoffa is at it, see if Hoffa can show that Inclan has had a change of affiliations due to the negative courses that republicans presently exhibit. With all your Hoffas , I would have thought, ya’ll would have considered this? Ball is in your court not morninmist. Inferior response on your part.
    Bernard Forand September 07, 2012 at 02:32 PM
    @ morninmist also commented on GOP Party Leaders, Delegates Say Paul Ryan Hit All the Right Notes. "Hoffa Here is the dishonesty. enough said! Disillusioned Obama Supporter In Romney Ad Is Actually GOP Staffer http://2012.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/09/rnc-staffer-plays-obama-supporter-in-gop-ad.php via @TPM More Lies Lies Lies #wiunion" Bernie replies; It is the nature of the beast within us all. Sometimes more evident in others or their actions. When it manifest itself more often than another than we have reasons to be concerned. Propaganda false accusations’ has been taken to science first noticed with Nixon and his PR advisor. Deliberate lies or distortions have been growing with the republican party ever since that they are now 24-7 Opinionated news broadcast [Fox] in Unisom with Rove guidance. Here is a couple of examples of the complete distortions of truth by these make believe journalist at Fox. Not even our heroes and vets can escape their being used to promote the lies of propaganda. http://youtu.be/O2KU02lsfH8 Or something more subtle like; http://youtu.be/qrdfRAaSWj0 While we are on Health Care let us see what the Tea Health Care plan is; http://youtu.be/6ik4f1dRbP8 Little wonder Inclan would want to change her political associations, as many others are doing. “The Hoffas” will now bring up MNBC with their take. When they do observe the quality of the deceit and the degrees of falsehoods’ as applied to each Hoffas, Take it away
    Bernard Forand September 07, 2012 at 03:59 PM
    @ morninmist also commented on GOP Party Leaders, Delegates Say Paul Ryan Hit All the Right Notes. Good news: KarlRoves Brain ‏@KarlRovesBrain Have @sykescharlie and @vickimckenna heard that GOP announced today they're NOT spending ad $$ in Wis for Romney/Ryan? #wiunion #RFLMAO This aligns with what I previously stated . Rove’s political map shows Obama at 284 electoral votes as to Romney’s 199. All that is needed for a win is 270. Now Billionaires are simple business people that know when to cut bait. In spite of all the suppressive deceits of republicans, the educated vote is accelerating at greater rate than the uneducated. Recently Katherine’s election in the primary against the 6 false democrats’ is a strong indication that the populace is educating themselves. Not just a regional pheromone but a national one. Education, women’s rights, minority rights, voters rights, Main Street USA rights, etc. etc. have been suppressed to the extent that large numbers are fleeing the republican’s proclamations of “Party First” USA second, this false ideology is no longer acceptable. Republicans exhume a foul odor to our Main Street USA. Now do we want to send more sheep to the republican corrals’ of no, no, no leadership? Think Not!
    Bernard Forand September 07, 2012 at 04:30 PM
    @ Rhonda Blair also commented on GOP Party Leaders, Delegates Say Paul Ryan Hit All the Right Notes. "Hey Bernie, how'd you like the "we gonna take God(but with a little "g") outta da DNC platform cuz Obama don like it" fiasco? What a bunch of clowns. Anyone who would vote for a dyed-in-the-wool communist, or drinking kool-aid. Debbie-What's-my-name-anyway Schultz is an idiot to boot. If Obama is re-elected, I give up all hope for the intelligence of most Americans, and for the restoration of our REPUBLIC." Bernie replies; Dear me whatever drug are you on? Don’t watch much T.V. so did not see the convention. Did hear something about Israel, God stuff and crowd boooed. Is that what you may be referring to? Sorry but I’m not into any of these deities and all of their messiah’s. Only interest there, would be that we keep religion out of politics. Religious wars is not to be any motivating force to decide a rational decision, as to the validity of a war or interference. Religions are irrational ideologies. Support of irrational institutions is not rational “Unless” there is a rational benefiting end result for our humanities. As to the intelligence factor of Americans. Seriously doubt your authority on how to discern intelligence. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2012/may/23/facebook-posts/viral-facebook-post-says-barack-obama-has-lowest-s/ A Pulitzer Award site. Does your biases allow this site or is that communist to?


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