Fraternity House’s Future Remains in Limbo

Beta Pi Epsilon was suspended by Carroll University, but the owner of their home is fighting a decision by the city that states his property is no longer considered a fraternity house.

After Carroll University suspended a century-old fraternity, citing “disruptive behavior,” the owner of the fraternity’s house is left with a building that the city says violates the city’s codes.

The house at 135 McCall St. was deemed to no longer meet the city’s definition of a “fraternity house.” The owner, Thomas Higbee, is fighting that decision with the Board of Zoning Appeals. Higbee’s appeal will be heard at 4 p.m. Jan. 7 at City Hall, room 207.

Waukesha’s ordinances state that no more than three unrelated people can share a residence. However, there are exceptions to allow for rooming houses and fraternities.

The house was home to dozens of Beta Pi Epsilon fraternity brothers. The fraternity was suspended for a variety of reasons, including the inability to find an adviser and their conduct record and academic performance.

Zabular Cranton December 30, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Back in around 1974 or 1975, I was in a rock band which had the opportunity to play at that house which at least once a month, at that time, was know as the TKE house. And lets say the band name was FARM. Ah, how we laughed and laughed at the silly things that went on at that house. Ah, good times. I believe we still need those times. If it wasn't for Animal House we would have never..........I forgot what I was going to say.


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