5-Acre Lots Approved for 20-Acre Town Of Lisbon Parcel

The parcel south of Planview Road will be split into five-acre lots despite having one-acre lots bordering on three sides.

The Sussex Village Board on Tuesday approved a certified survey map for a 20-acre parcel in the Town of Lisbon, allowing it to be split into five-acre parcels.

The village has jurisdiction over the town land within a mile and a half of its border, according to state law.

The land, south of Plainview Road, north of Stonefield Court and to the east of Hillside Road, is surrounded by one-acre lots to the south, west and east. Trustee Jason Wegner voted against the measure for this reason.

"It doesn't seem to be reasonable planning," he said. "It just seems like an oddball place for five-acre lots."

Trustees and village staff did not allude to the owner's motivation during the meeting, but Village Administrator Jeremy Smith suggested density provisions may be guiding the Town of Lisbon in this case.

"Many of the new lots may have to be larger to make up (for) density," he said. "I don't know specifically if that is the case, but that could be a factor for the Town of Lisbon." 


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