Several Pro-Scott Walker Signs Burned in Fox Point

Democratic Party of Wisconsin says this behavior is just simply wrong, but angry neighbor says, "You don't see Tom Barrett signs getting burned."

At least five Fox Point residents woke up Sunday morning to find that their campaign yard signs supporting Gov. Scott Walker had been stolen and, in some cases, destroyed by fire.

“I had just put my sign up Saturday afternoon, and I feel as if it’s just bad sportsmanship by the Democrats,” said Kim Brier, who had one of the signs that was torched.

Brier says the destruction goes beyond politics: It's dangerous and the fire could have damaged her property.

“I think this behavior is childish by the other side, and, if anything, may make people feel more pro-Walker," said Priscilla McDonnell, one of Brier's neighbors. "You don’t see Tom Barrett signs getting burned.”

Walker, the Republican governor, is facing Barrett, in the .

Steven Proko, who lives at 7504 N.Crossway Rd., was not victimized, but one of his neighbors was. He described the destruction as a childish act. 

"I think that if this was a Barrett sign, the media and public would outrage and this act of speech by the Democratic Party is wrong, and it just shows how childish it is,” he said. 

James Schumaker was at his parents' home at 808 E. Hyde Way when he discovered his family’s pro-Walker sign had been burned overnight. 

"Burning a Scott Walker sign just shows the maturation level for whoever did this,” Schumaker said.

As of Monday, five residents reported to the  that six pro-Walker signs had been stolen or destroyed including:

  • Two signs burned at 7522 N. Crossway Road.
  • One signs burned at 7723 N. Boyd Way.
  • One stolen sign at 8331 N. Lake Drive.
  • One sign burned at 808 E. Hyde Way.
  • One sign burned at 816 E. Hyde Way.

In addition, there was a report of another destroyed political sign at 7511 N. Lake Drive, but it was unclear if that also was a pro-Walker sign.

Graeme Zelinski, communications director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, said this behavior is just simply wrong. 

"You see plenty of violence by Scott Walker supporters," Zelinski said. "There is no room for this kind of activity — whether it be by Scott Walker supporters or anybody."

Fox Point police have no suspects at this time.

Dave Koven May 20, 2012 at 06:01 PM
Having read all comments up to now, I conclude that you're all idiots. Most governing is done in secret. We common folk are fed such a diet of misinformation and lies that anything we vote on probably isn't true. Super PAC money has more sway than you might think, and it is often in ways you might not like. Good bills often have riders tacked on to them that undo the good they purport to do. "Plausible deniability" seems to be the aim of all politicians when they do something questionable, if not downright illegal. You guys are just beating your heads on each other while the real governing goes on in the shadows. Why waste your time?
Greg May 20, 2012 at 08:40 PM
"Greg calling Zelinski a "lying bastard" because an arbitrary, unreasonable standard Greg is trying to hold him to with respect to Zelinski's quote in the article." Geoff, you asked me to set the bar, I did. You complained it was too high, I lowered it. But in the end you are only able to blame me for your lack of ability to provide examples. You use the same tactic of Clinton, "it depends on the definition of IS" (said in his stupid drawl) or Edwards "What is the definition of the word THE?". This type of stupid game makes me feel a little violent. Since I do not see violence by Scott Walker supporters, I stand by my statement until you can provide evidence to the contrary, at whatever level you feel will back your case without a doubt.
Bewildered May 20, 2012 at 08:53 PM
Gee, Trolleycar, you make friends every where you go, dontcha?
Greg May 21, 2012 at 04:40 PM
I think you meant to say "I conclude that we're all idiots" But please explain to us idiots why you waste your time.
Dave Koven May 21, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Greg...My wording stands. Your comment reinforces my statement. My time apparently IS wasted with you.


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