Sussex Police Roundup: Crimes Ranged From Theft of a Purse To Sexual Assault

If you missed a police report this month, you can catch up to it here.

The month of November had its share of crime in Sussex or committed by Sussex residents.

Let's us not forget the Sussex man who was accused of passing a worthless check in Delafield or the Sussex man who was charged for shoplifting from a store in Franklin after his muscle car linked him to the alleged crime.

And how could anyone forget the story about bandits that swiped Christmas gifts intended for a little boy from a storage unit.

Police were also busy with items being stolen such a purse that was lifted from a car parked on Main Street and prescription drugs from a home on Elm Street.

We also had news pertaining to Sussex in the courts with a Milwaukee man pleading guilty in connection to the drug-induced death of a Sussex woman and a 18-year-old Sussex man pleading guilty to two felony counts stemming from a sexual assault of a 6-year-old girl.

Fire personnel were also in the news as they responded to a multi-vehicle accident on Silver Spring Road.

Resident November 30, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Gone are the days of unlocked doors. Sussex is no longer the quiet, safe community it once was!! Thanks to "economic development" -- not necessarily such a good thing after all.


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