Sussex Man Charged with Third OWI

Suspect, 24, tries to tell police another man had been driving his car, but eventually fesses up to the crime.

A Sussex man was charged with his third operating while intoxicated charge in Waukesha County Circuit Court Thursday after a sheriff’s deputy found him trying to stabilize himself against a car on the side of a road while two friends changed a tire.

According to the criminal complaint:

At 3:15 a.m. Thursday, a deputy was on patrol near Woodland Creek Drive and Edgewood Lane when he noticed rubber and gouge marks that looked like someone had blown a tire and had been driving on the rim. The officer soon found two men changing a tire on a Chrysler Sebring, while another man, Myles D. Treptow, 24, was standing next to a Chevrolet Cavalier and trying to balance himself while the others changed the tire.

Treptow told the deputy he hadn’t been driving Cavalier at the time, saying it was another man in the group. The other man failed a field sobriety test and was placed under arrest, but he and another man told the officer Treptow had been driving the car.

Treptow then admitted to driving the car and failed a field sobriety test. He was then placed under arrest and urinated on himself while in the back of the squad car.

He told police he had six or seven beers and had consumed prescription medication before driving. Treptow is charged with one count of third offense OWI and one count of obstructing and officer, and could face up to 21 months in prison and $12,000 in fines.


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