Suspicious Vehicles in Sussex Subdivision Lead to Drug Charges

Sussex teen tells detectives they would have found more drugs at his home, except a trash collector told his mother their home was under investigation, according to a criminal complaint.

An 18-year-old Sussex man is facing drug charges after neighbors reported he was possibly selling drugs in the subdivision while his parents were at work, according to a criminal complaint.

Michael J. Verrier was charged Wednesday in Waukesha County Circuit Court with maintaining a drug trafficking place, possessing hashish and possessing drug paraphernalia.

According to the complaint:

Several anonymous neighbors in the N5900 block of Avon Drive contacted the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department between August and October about suspicions that Verrier was dealing drugs in the subdivision while his parents were at work.

The neighbors reported seeing Verrier walking through the subdivision and meeting with different people who were pulling up in vehicles. Verrier would have short-term contacts with people through the window.

A detective conducted surveillance in the neighborhood and saw just what the neighbors reported ­– multiple vehicles and people going into the home for a short time and then leving.

Police executed a search warrant on the home on Nov. 9. Verrier told a detective he purchases a quarter-pound of marijuana a week and he has another person sell the marijuana and bring him the money.

Verrier told police he started selling marijuana around Christmas 2011 and he had gotten rid of the drugs before police searched the house. His mother told him to remove all the drugs and drug paraphernalia from the home, he said, after a garbage man told her on Nov. 1 that police were investigating the residence. Verrier told police if the garbage man hadn’t talked to his mom, Verrier probably would have had more narcotics at the home when police executed the search warrant.

A Waukesha County detective reported finding a pipe, drug notes and two homemade filters used to smoke marijuana. Police also found 8.4 grams of hashish in the room and $630 on Verrier’s nightstand.


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