Dispute Over Land Pits Haass Library Against Town of Lisbon: The Week in Review

Sussex library board says the estate of Pauline Haass is theirs to oversee, while Lisbon also wants the 65-acre farm parcel; what else made news this week? Read on.

The 65 acres of land that Pauline Haass lived on were at the center of controversy this week as the town of Lisbon and Pauline Haass Library are fighting over who has control of the land.

While the two parties discuss, we asked readers to weigh in on their own with a Patch poll.

Good news came from Sussex's largest employer, as dozens of jobs are open at Quad/Graphics. 

We looked back at the month of February as well, and crime seemed to be what our readers checked out the most.  this past month. A more recent crime story that featured a man claiming he was having sex while driving through Sussex, also broke this week.

Business was also a focus this week, and we looked ahead to what businesses should occupy Mammoth Springs. The $21.6 million development is hoped to break ground in fall of 2013. Readers had plenty of suggestions for what could go there - add your own suggestions to the mix.

We also looked at the establishments already in Sussex by looking at the top rated restaurants in Sussex on Yelp!

To end on a forward-looking note, know that spring can't be too far away as Daylight Saving Time is just around the corner. 


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