Don't Pay Paul to Rob Romney

Many Ron Paul supporters are angry with the fact that he did not get the nomination and are prepared to cause irreparable harm to our nation just to prove a point. But at what cost?

Many Ron Paul supporters are angry with the fact that he did not get the nomination, and are prepared to cause irreparable harm to our nation just to prove a point – but at what cost?

Let me begin by saying that Mitt Romney was not my first choice; however, over the past weeks, he has far exceeded my expectations. Now, I can truly say that I am fully supporting Mitt Romney, not just voting against Obama.

Everyone knows of Ron Paul and his spirited passion for government reform, much of which I agree with. Out of all the candidates, he was the only one with the courage to say what really needed to be done to fix our financial woes.

However, we also know the reality: swift cuts, like the ones he wanted, would have been difficult to accomplish – would be very difficult, and his party knows it.

The problem with Ron Paul is not his beliefs, his age, or even his eccentric passion; it is his die-hard supporters. There is no way Ron Paul could have lost, right?

Well, that is wrong. He never, at any time, had the majority support in the GOP. This may be disappointing, but "the process is the process." Primary after primary, Ron Paul was behind in the polls. Sure, there were some rays of hope for Paul in some states, but never enough to obtain the nomination.

Ron Paul lost, GET OVER IT!

Like so many of the spoiled public employees of the past year, many Paul supporters are upset that they did not get their way. Now you are all saying that you will vote for a third party, or not vote at all. Are you serious? If you truly believe in what Ron Paul stands for, you will follow the lead of many Paul supporters and support Mitt Romney.

If choose not to do so? You were never truly a Ron Paul supporter and would never have actually voted for him in the general election; this is especially true for the anti-war supporters. You know who you are, own it.

Reality Check: A VOTE FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN MITT IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA. If we are to defeat Obama, we need to be unified in our effort. Nothing else matters.

You can bet that Obama's supporters will be out in great numbers (and multiple times) – it is a historical fact. Trust me, I like the idea of a strong third party; there may be time for that, but this is not that time.

A third party could easily swing the election toward Obama, but is it worth it? Remember, it has taken decades of progressivism to get where we are, so it will take years to undo all the damage.

First, we must stop the bleeding, then, mend the wound. Mitt Romney, along with conservative control of the House and Senate, will stop that bleeding.

It’s gut check time. Will you support moving closer to what Paul was fighting for, or will you continue this self-destructive progressive path we are on. This whole election can swing on 5 percent.

Are you willing to sacrifice the entire American experiment, all to prove some ideological point? It is all quite literally in your hands. Choose wisely.

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Craig November 06, 2012 at 04:30 AM
@Nick: From the dribble you spew it is not possible that you voted Republican- ever! It doesn't take a profiler to see through you. Don't try to be something you are not!
Bob McBride November 06, 2012 at 05:08 AM
If any third party is going to be successful, it needs to get its message out there much sooner and its got to be more than just trashing Republicans and Democrats coupled with "vote for so-and-so". The best I can tell from Gary Johnson's website, the objective seems to be "get 5% of the vote and they have to acknowledge us". That, and pushing Gary Johnson as some sort of charismatic, man's man. I looked at the positions on stuff and it does follow pretty much the conventional Libertarian platform, freshened up a bit. The hard sell we've been getting around here for the past couple of weeks needed to start about 9 months ago and needed to include, as I mentioned, something more attractive and interesting than trashing the two major parties. That could have been done w/o concerns about the national media covering the candidate. That's true "grassroots" work. "Grassroots" as it relates to the major parties is an oxymoron. Perhaps it was being done elsewhere. It's been non-existant here. Waiting 'til the last minute and banking on frustration and fatigue generated by endless carping between the two major parties as a catalyst for a last minute third party surge isn't a workable strategy. As for the election, I'm still pretty much convinced Obama is going to take it, for the same reason he took it first time around - and, again, with an assist from the Republicans via their VP selection - albeit not to the same degree as last time.
Keith R. Deschler November 06, 2012 at 12:21 PM
Election is trending to Romney, this is not 2008, and I don't see a repeat of 2000 with any so-called "spoilers" in Florida. Romney has a large lead among independents, and is not way behind among women like McCain was in '08. As for this state, our LPWI is a work in progress, and I admit they put too much stock into the Ed Thompson showing a decade ago. Too many of the "tea and crumpet" types who like to sit around and shoot the bull. You're right about doing the grassroots stuff a lot earlier. They should have nominated Gary in the early spring(but we did have a spirited battle with longtime LP activist Lee Wrights for the nomination). His platform is more mainstream than what we had up until 2004. Barr/Root was GOP light, and tried to appeal to conservatives disappointed in McCain/Palin. She kept the right happy, and Barr/Root made a fair amount of LPers unhappy. Both are back in the GOP, and good riddance. Both were not really schooled enough in the liberty philosophy to articulate it well. That's the purpose of our party at this time, especially with the higher offices-education.
Keith R. Deschler November 06, 2012 at 12:29 PM
BTW, when I ran for assembly in two presidential years (2004 and 2008), I usually gave POTUS flyers out to people who showed some interest, or were not happy with either the R or D running. I didn't even have Barr/Root stuff in '08, although I did manage to vote for them. Our members locally were split on these two, and some went for McCain (because of Palin), and some for Chuck Baldwin (the Constitution Party guy Ron Paul endorsed). The POTUS is not my emphasis with the LP anyway, but it does help to have a credible ticket at the top, just to make us more appealing down the ballot, and to better articulate the message and credibility of the party to the nation. The Greens have had the same issue that we have had in the past, with Nader being the only credible candidate they have ever run(Jill Stein is a nice lady, but she reminds me of Badnarik with her statements and her getting arrested and the like).
Michael McClusky November 06, 2012 at 02:48 PM
@Keith R. Deschler I will make that phone call and I hope to attend the next meeting. As for posting my views on the internet- the most destructive aspect of the bloggers on Patch is the fact that many of them feel that their candidate is infallible. There is a lack of critical thinking by some, because no one politician is correct 100% of the time. Bob McBride criticizes the fact that a third party voter would mudsling at the two major candidates. Well, both of them are not beyond criticism. The most interesting conversation I ever had on Patch was a few months ago. This concerned the views of Hamilton, Madison and Jefferson with regards to the relationship between the federal government and the citizenry. Two Republicans, a Democrat and myself discussed the fundamental question of how much power should the federal government actually have. Mr. Brian Dey seemed to be the most knowledgeable of us, but all four of us contributed much in the varying viewpoints that exist today. I think people would do well to read all three of our Founding Fathers writings on this subject. Then we can all proceed to have a deeper understanding of one another's conclusions.


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