Top 5 Walgreens Deals, Save on Movie Rental, Beer Tasting Deal, Free Item at Bath & Body Works!

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Holy moly. Christmas is THIS weekend. Yikes!

Walgreens to the last minute rescue with some sweet deals this week!

Walgreens makes saving money pretty easy with their Register Rewards program. Each week there are oodles of deals which produce Register Rewards, or RR for short. They will print with your receipt at the checkout and can be used on future purchases like cash. 

There are a couple caveats though. You can not use a RR to purchase an item from the same brand as what the RR originally developed from. When you use the RR just make sure you do not use it to buy other items from said company. The RR will usually say "Compliments of [Enter Brand Name Here]" so it's pretty easy to avoid double dippin'.

Also, if you're using manufacturer couponpons make sure you do not have more items in your transaction than you do manufacturer coupons. For instance...if you have 3 items and 4 manufacturer coupons (Register Rewards are manufacturer coupons), you'll need one more item or the register will beep & not allow you to use all 4 coupons. This is where filler items come in handy. I like to add the little 39¢ caramels that are right at the register. Not only are they delicious, they help me save even more money by balancing out my transaction per Walgreen's policy. It's just one of those little trip-ups Walgreens is famous for. 

I know it's all pretty confusing, but in the end it's so worth it as you'll be saving like whoa. To clear it up, you can check out their entire coupon policy right here

Now...on to five great deals you can find at your local Walgreens:

1. Buy two Bayer Advanced 20-24 ct and Receive $3 RR

  • Buy 2 at $3.36 each
  • Use two of this $1.50 off coupon 
  • Pay $3.72 out of pocket
  • Receive $3 in Register Rewards

Final cost after RR: 36¢ each!

2. Buy two Caress Body Wash 12 oz for $6 and Receive $2 RR

  • Buy 2 at $6
  • Use two of this 75¢ off coupon 
  • Pay $4.50 out of pocket
  • Receive $2 in Register Rewards

Final cost after RR: $1.25 each!

3. Buy one Arm and Hammer Spinbrush Pro Toothbrush for $4.99 and Receive $1 RR

  • Buy 1 at $4.99
  • Use this $2 off coupon
  • Pay $2.99 out of pocket
  • Get $1 in Register Rewards

Final cost after RR: $1.99!

4. Popcorn Indiana 6-10.5 oz Bag -- $1.99

  • Buy 1 at $1.99
  • Use this $5 off coupon

Final cost: 99¢!

5. Coca-Cola Products 12 pk -- 4 for $13

  • Buy 4 Coke Zero 12 packs at $13
  • Use the $1 off of 4 coupon found in the Walgreens December Coupon book (located at the front of the store by the weekly fliers)
  • Plus use 2 of THIS 99¢ off coupon

Final Cost: $2.51 each! 

Clipless online coupon code: Need some movie therapy? Use code DOLLARDEAL at any Blockbuster movie kiosk to knock $1 off your rental. Click here to find a kiosk near you!

Daily deal o' the day: If you're looking for a last minute gift for the beer lover in your life, look no further! Here's an amazingly fun deal to sample brews at Big Bay Brewing Co. in Shorewood! For $25 you'll receive a sampling for two of four local beers and two sodas, a 6 pack of brews plus two signature glasses! Click here for all the details!

Printable 'pon: Heading to Bath & Body Works for some yummy sniffs? Make sure you print this coupon before you go. It will get you a free item (up to $13 in value!) with any $10 purchase! 

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patsykeyes December 20, 2011 at 06:03 AM
Savings are within everyone's reach, and by spending 20 minutes a week on news papers or online websites like Printapons, shoppers can save easily $1,000 annually.


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