Political Cartooning in the Shadow of the Apocalypse

A cartoon about the Keystone XL Tar sands Pipeline controversy .

We Humans of Earth are at the Verge (a point beyond which something else begins) were a decision could mean how humanity might live or not live based on how those in power decide. In a way it is quite simple, to trust in the worlds greatest scientist or trust a group of people who make an absolutely unbelievable amount of money keeping up what, for them, is business a usual, like burning up the last of the earths fossil fuels so they can become richer. We have a President, like him or not, who is empowered by the nature of the presidency to make the hard decisions that will, at this point in history, effect civilization as we know it for the rest of the perceivable future.

The Republican Party is touting how The Keystone Pipeline will be Americas salvation to give us the cheap gas that we so crave and also the boost to our flagging economy that all of America is crying out to our leaders for.

So, I guess this Pipeline is the new magic, latest and greatest thing that will  supply Americans with oodles of new jobs that only will happen if we can get this Pipeline built and under way. Well, it will not be the Messiah of job creation that they are praising and shouting from their ivory tower roof tops. Most of the oil from this pipeline will be exported to China, and at best will create only about 5,000 to 6,000 new jobs, but that is only for it's construction after that far, far less so.

Tar sands are bound up in a viscous gooey sand. It has to be cooked or steamed out which is highly energy intensive. This enables it to be piped out across the American heartland over hill and dale rivers and streams for about 1,500 miles. The Pipeline will cross over our great rivers such as the Yellowstone and over one of our greatest Aquifers, the Ogallala. Pipe lines leak. Plus, they are built by company's that produce the lowest, cheapest bid. That alone should scare the hell out of you. My last thought, and this is by NASA Climatologist Dr. James Hanson who said:

"If this Pipeline goes through, it is essentially game over for our climate to be anywhere near a normal we grew up with and we have not evolved as a species to handle such  a radically different climate."

Since this is my first blog for patch as well as my first Cartoon on it, please comment. I would greatly like the feedback  

Check out this link and you will see what a horrible idea this Pipeline is.

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Michael Fretchel March 02, 2012 at 04:00 PM
800,000 people sined a petition against the Pipeline in a 24 Hour period ,so just saying it's not just me having a anti-american Artistic moment ,besides what are you personally going to gain from such a thing ,do you have stock in it ? Or what? .Other wise thanks for commenting i do appreciate it.
michaelm March 02, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Last night President Clinton came out in favor of the pipeline and according to CNBC, CLinton has asked his wife to set up a meeting with President Obama to discuss it. Further, CNBC said this was the plan all along, that just when President Obama needs it during the election that he will come out and endorse it, then being able to claim all the jobs and a win over democrats while also having Clinton's endorsement so that people who still like Clinton but are on the fence with Obama will be a little more inclined to vote for him. Earlier in the week the Secretary of the Dept. of Energy in the same speech to congress said they were driving up prices on purpose, and will also drive them back down just before the election. Then back up to European levels or higher after Obama is reelected. The whole pipeline discussion is pointless, Warren Buffett has had time to buy up more stocks on the construction companies and pipe manufactures, stocks whose price dropped after the Obama administration stopped the pipeline. Buffet had already bought up much of the rail, rail construction, and train companies who will ship much of the oil if the pipeline does not go through and also to handle the rail parts in Canada. The whole pipeline thing seems to me to be political theater that most people won't look closely enough at to see the real things going on in the back ground. And of coarse to ensure that the operatives and donors are well rewarded along the way.
michaelm March 02, 2012 at 04:25 PM
Sorry, I menat to say a win over Republicans.
Michael Fretchel March 02, 2012 at 04:53 PM
I have to agree with this but I am not a Obama fan ,I just think we need to think through adding to our reliance on non renewable fuels and Fuels that in the long run harm the enviroment. Thanks for the facts .
Craig March 02, 2012 at 05:30 PM
800,000 people did not sign a petition in 24 hours. Maybe 800,000 spam e mails were replied to but there was certainly no signatures. 300,000,000 people would have some clout, 800,000 is nothing. We have 800,000 brain dead people in this Country.


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