Uncontrollable Sussex Woman is Patch's Top Story in July

From the drunk Sussex woman who police couldn't control to a man sexually assaulting an underage mentally challenged girl, these are the stories you read the most in July.

A lot can go down in 30 days, even in Sussex.

Some of it's good news, some of it's bad news, and some of it's, well ... weird. What really matters is it all happened here in the last 30 days — so let's get you up to speed with the top 10 most-read Sussex Patch articles of July.

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The stories are listed in order based on how many readers they snagged.

A 22-year-old Sussex woman began screaming, then sat under a pool table at Tailgator's sports bar until police are called where she causes even further crazy problems.

Roscoe, the now famous missing dog from Menomonee Falls, was found in July. However, the Langhoff family is now is a tough situation as they will need to pay $5,000 to save the dog's life.

A 22-year-old Sussex woman is caught with a bag of syringes in her purse by her parents after they sent her to a California rehabilitation center.

From fireworks to parades to community festivals, Patch outlined what was happening around the Milwaukee area on Independence Day.

Starting on Friday, July 13, the long weekend of carnival rides, fireworks, games and parades hit  on full blast. However, the carnival’s change of pace and scheduling had some residents asking questions.

Share photos and videos of your community with your neighbors. Whether you have photos of your kids playing at the park or clips from homecoming, share them with your community in Patch's community gallery.

When Sussex’s latest business park was on the fast track, Pete Meissner said he’d pull his 600 head of cattle from Sussex if the deal was approved.

Readers love their Starbucks, so they really responded when the Main Street location offered a free 12-ounce Cool Lime or Very Berry Hibiscus drink between noon and 3 p.m. one Friday.

The 23-year-old Mequon man had sex with his ex-girlfriend's mentally challenged friend inside a Sussex home and then checked to see if she's a virgin.

Between a teenage mom's crazy rampage to a man caught with his pants and underwear down, this was a list of Sussex's most interesting police reports.


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