Tell Us: What Would You Like To See In the Tops Building?

Tell us in the comments what you would like to see in the vacated Tops space.

Editor's Note: Periodically, Avon Lake Patch will feature a vacated store and ask what you would like to see in the space. Readers can add suggestions in the comments' section.

It’s Avon Lake’s most glaring vacancy.

Since 2006 the Tops store in Avon Lake’s Towne Center has stood vacant, and as the year’s have passed, numerous other stores in the plaza have also closed.

The store, owned by has approximately 58,000 square feet. We’re asking readers, what would you like to see in this space? A recreation center? A second supermarket ( is currently the only one in town)?

Share your idea below about what type of business you would like to see in this vacant property.

FRAN BURKE April 12, 2012 at 06:05 PM
First off perhaps if the rent was lower then it would be more inviting. I think an ALDI's would be fantastic. This should be high on Mayor Zilka's to do list!
Paul L. April 20, 2012 at 04:11 AM
After reading all these posts it's positive but people don't have a clue. First of all Kopf Builders was tied up for a over a year with wetlands that a certain group in A.L. tied him up with in the courts. In the meantime, all the stores that were suppose to go in their hightailed it to Avon Commons. The person or persons who can put something in the Tops place will be a "Hero" in A.L. VIP Mgmt. has tried to get Buelers, Marcs, Whole Foods, Fligners, etc. and countless other stores in this plaza. You need a draw, I have a buddy who owns two stands at Westside Market I pitched the idea of having a Towne Center Westside Market at the A.L. Towne Center. It would be perfect, plenty of parking. Turn the old Tops into an open market with an eatery in the middle with all the stands setup in the building plus outside. People would come from miles around just like they do to go to Jamies Flea Market & the Westside Market. Build it and they will come, I see alot of people going to Towne Center to buy their fresh produce, fish & meats. Theirs your draw businesses would be lined up to get in on the action. It definitely fits everybody's niche and purpose in A.L. Keep the Faith!
Andrea S April 20, 2012 at 01:24 PM
I'm from Buffalo and I miss my Wegmans something fierce!
SW July 31, 2012 at 03:39 PM
For a town that is only 10 square miles to have FOUR elementary schools, which by the way, all recently needed to be enlarged, Avon Lake is heavily populated by "young families" with kids in school (myself included). I am here for the schools. I pay toward them. I use them. And I love them. Voting for school levies in your city is always the smart choice, whether you have kids in school or not. You want the kids in your neighborhood to be well-educated and to have good programs to keep them out of trouble. As T.S. said, it improves property values and overall status to have such high ranking schools. Anyone who cant sell their house at a profit in this market either "got in while the gettin was good" or got themselves upside down by pulling out that bogus equity when they were handing it out. Some unfortunately became part of the unemployment statistics and got squeezed to no fault of their own. But either way, Avon Lake is considered a premier place to live and you can thank the taxpayers for passing levies and keeping our schools great. This thread digresses from the original topic, but I cant resist ignorance! For the Tops location.....I agree a laser tag, or indoor rec type of center would be cool...something that can serve multiple purposes in different seasons would likely be the most sustainable.
SW July 31, 2012 at 03:56 PM
One thing I find myself going to other towns for is a restaurant with a good salad bar. We have none. Not even in Avon that I'm aware? It doesnt have to be a whole "buffet" where you get people hog-tied for cheap, but a Ruby Tuesday's maybe? I also like the idea of just bulldozing it and putting in another housing development. Not like another Ventanas...but more like the upper-middle type homes already in the area. And my gosh dont put anymore condos in! We are running out of land to build on, so why have it sitting there as just wasted space? If we need more local business, I believe there is still room to improve both Drug Mart and Learwood Square plazas. Dont start a third half-used shopping center.


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