Is This the Most Depressing Photo Gallery You've Seen?

It's hard to keep a smile on your face when you take a trip around Sussex these days. And after looking at these pictures, you might decide to skip the trip all together.

Temperatures have not been the only thing on the rise lately.

Gas prices have reached $4 a gallon at almost every local gas station, and I'm pretty sure you have something to say about it. Sound off in the comments below. Who's to blame? How do we fix it? What will spending more on gas do to your other spending habits? Where's the cheapest gas around?

And when you're done getting that off your chest, let's see your "Fill-Up Photos." I want to see what you're spending at the pump. Take a picture of the final damage and upload it to this gallery. Who knows, maybe I'll send the person with the highest total a Patch t-shirt!


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